its a been a rowdy winter as we prepare for spring with both Miami AND the Rowdy Collectors Edition Vol.2

Rowdy Collectors Edition - Vol1 with John B and Nick Catchdubz

We are throwing the first special edition of Rowdy at Transit Saturday March with John B, Nick Catchdubz, and more.. details are in the event section here

But we ain’t done!!!! - get Rowdy every week

Be ready for a party. Starting August 11 th we are going grass roots to the bare elements and taking the vibes deep!!! Remember when it was all about the party? What you did and what you said was all let out that night. The next day nobody whispered, nobody talked and we all just smiled in anticipation of the next adventure. Well get ready to get ROWDY! every Thursday night at Medusa Lounge. We are taking over Philly’s premier dive bar and turning it into one hell of a night. If you have been there before then you know how it is. The small intimate space allows you to be you. No one cares what you wear, who you are with and what shoes you have on. Meet good people, share good times, hear some fantastic music and indulge in as much or in as little as you want. The RowdyLife is in. Release your inner beast! E-mail - ask nate day how awesome it is...

John B Review!!!!! Yeah, we lied! We remember everything!!! But we won’t tell. Your secret is safe with us. John came into town Thursday night. Picked up from Newark Airport by Philly2night’s Tempe and her cohort Lance. Later that night John made stops at 700 Club to check out our man of the moment, Low Budget and then onto Club 114 where he had a whopping great time. It definitely got him all revved up for Friday night. And was he on fire? John B was his absolute best and there was nothing but drunken smiles in the venue. In John’s words “The crowd was Ace. I love Philadelphia!”

Check out the video for yourself (tour footage from dallas, salt lake, philly and more):

New Fuzed Funk Radio Show on
You know the man, Magin. Probably one of the most knowledgeable dnb djs on the east coast. He now has a show on and believe me this is going to be hot one. Magin will dig deep, dig true and bring upfront and old school to the session. You know he’s linked up with Brazilian boys and his selection………. You know the deal.
When: Every Tuesday 5-7pm(EST),2-4(Pacific),10pm-12am(GMT)
Hosted by: MaginBoo......w/ special guests

Hot New Mixes...

We have plenty of cds for you to choose from. Nate Day just dropped a hot mix “What we do”, Mental Sharp’s new release “Above the Beats, Below the Bass: Negative 2” is flying off the shelves and Illy Emcee’s “Living in the Moment” is on fire. We have already had to go back for two more prints of each cd!!!

By the way we do have an info line. Call 215-552-8143 for updates.

Upcoming Highlights

8/6 Perla presents “The Hustle” every Saturday at Waxbar
8/7 Dirty Channel Radio with Nate Day and Illy MC
8/9 Fuzed Funk Radio with hosts Magin and Armen
8/11 Rowdy kicks off at Medusa Lounge
8/12 Free Hip Hop at the Blue Horseshoe
9/15 LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad at Emerald City

Dirty Channel Web Show
We have a new radio show on The Dirty Channel is LIVE from 3pm to 6pm every sunday. Hosted by Magnum and Nate Day aka Dirty Channel alongside Mcs Armanni and Sharpness.

Wikked Jungle
Mis-ty's Wikked Jungle show has now moved to Fridays from 3-6pm. The East Coast's longest running broadcast show just keeps going. Tune in at WKDU 91.7FM or jump online at

Subcode. We have moved to a new venue called the Blue Horseshoe which is leaps better than the Parkway. It is at 20th and Ludlow which is between Market and Chestnut in Center City. We now have a special deal going with our new Resident's Reduced list. If you make this list you admission will be only $1 before 11pm (for locals nights) and $5 before 11pm (for UK/International nights). The catch is that you have to contact one of the residents and each resident list can only accommodate the first 5 people.

The residents are: Illy Emcee | Magnum | Nate Day | Sharpness | mis-ty
The list will be renewed each week

DJs Wanted: We are looking for fresh talent to play at upcoming Sub code events and more..
If interested e-mail us at

News on Enter the Hive: Can you believe it? Enter The Hive is actually in stores right now!!! The release is finally available at most major retailers and your mom and pop stores. A lot of work was put into his release so we hope you al enjoy it. If you thought the audio trailer was entertaining check out the video at
More info at

Keep signing up for our new and improved messageboard. The Subz messageboard has been brought into the 21st century!!! The new and greatly improved messageboard is faster, more user friendly and more attractive. The board features 6 forums: "Discussions", "Subcode", "Fuzed Funk", "The Program", "What's the Buzz", Charts" and "Events". There are some great discussions going on and the forums allow us to get a better idea of what you are all looking for in the drum and bass scene.

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