Fuzed Funk Distribution is proud to kick off with some of the hottest new releases in dnb and hiphop.

Mental Sharp - Above the Beats - Below the Bass

The second long player from Mental Sharp showcases the lyrical ability of two of the finest mcs in the game. This mixtape features remixes of favorites such as Light Fire, Headbang and Doing me Wrong. Think is one headf*** you can’t sleep on and Sharpness lays down some serious knowledge his solo effort The Path.

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illy emcee - Living in the Moment

Destroying trends, smashing through competition, and perfecting the art of being, Illy emcee's album "Living in the Moment" is here to forge ahead, and rearrange the current sound of hip-hop.  Geared towards the educated consumer, this album is laced with engaging lyrical content and rock solid production.  Working with German based hip-hop phenom, Minnox, as well as Philly based artists, Dstar, J Smooth, and Ducketts; Illy focuses on bringing back quality and creativity to music. The album will be available April 25th, through www.illyemcee.com


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DJ SS - S Files Mix CD and DVD

Presented by Formation and Taciturn Records, the long awaited S-Files is here. Full of topnotch drum and bass, this is the mixcd featuring tracks from the vinyl release and more. Already known as one of the pioneers and champions of dnb worldwide, SS pushes things forward once again with this combination of mix and dvd that is just not to be missed.


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Look for these upcoming releases and re-released mix cds from Fuzed Funk Distribution.

Sutpen’s Jungle Series July 2000 (drum and bass)

Bryan Gee with MC Navigator | Ray Keith | Big in Japan | DJ Kane

Sutpen’s Jungle Series Feb 2000 (drum and bass)

Bryan Gee with Skibadee and Foxy | DJ SS with Skibadee | Kenny Ken with Skibadee and Foxy

DJ Footloose (old school drum and bass)

Dark and Deep | Jungle Riddim | Rythmn Section | UK Garage (Old School) | 2-step

DJ Starchild (old school drum and bass)

The Starchild Strikes again | Silver Bullet | Code Red | Safari

DJ Lorne (ragga jungle) | Ragga II